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What Is MonkeyTivity?

MonkeyTivity is an all-in-one solution to quality time, engagement and experiences whilst learning through play delivered right to your door.

Learn through play for ages 5 months to 6 years.

An entire month of activities in one box.  This means 16 activities with complete methods and materials for only $45 (all taxes included).

A new theme each month.

Your answer to weekday and/or weekend activities with your child.

With COVID-19 in mind kindly note that all boxes and materials are prepared in a sterilized environment.  All materials are handled with gloves and where possible each item is wiped before packaged.

About Me

Dear moms and dads

I am an academic at heart. My educational journey started in 2010 when I finished my Bachelor of Sciences degree in Human Physiology and Psychology.  After this I continued with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with specialization in Early Childhood Development and Foundation Phase teaching.

I also completed my Honours degree in Practical Psychometry and worked in independent practice for a few years.  Whilst working as an educator, my passion for Psychology was not yet completely satisfied, which lead me to complete my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in 2018.

Throughout my studies I was fortunate enough to have various opportunities to work as an educator with children of different ages and across a few disciplines.  My teaching experience ranges from two years old to eighteen years old.  I have also had the opportunity to write Curriculums for two private schools for ages eighteen months to six years.

We were blessed with our own little bundle of joy towards the end of my Masters year and I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home to raise our, now two year old, daughter Ava.  This has been extremely fulfilling, yet also incredibly challenging at times.  As our daughter grew older it became more and more challenging to keep her entertained and to think of new activities that we can do that will keep her engaged in a fun, creative and educational way.  I often find myself unable to think of activities on the spot and even when Pinterest sends a great idea my way, it does not necessarily mean that I have all the materials available to do the activity.  I am a planner by nature and it can become nerve-wrecking to have a whole week in front of me without an idea what to do with my two year old.

MonkeyTivity was ‘born’ out of my own need to have a plan and to feel prepared for the week ahead.  Mom-guilt is a real thing.  Through MonkeyTivity I have found a way to help me feel in control during the time spent with my little one.

My hope is that MonkeyTivity will give you the same comfort in feeling a little bit more prepared.

The foundation of MonkeyTivity is rooted in my great passion and love for education and play.

I trust that you will enjoy these activities as much as we do.

Much love


Why Us?

MonkeyTivity provides you with all the methods and materials to keep your little one engaged and provides the opportunity to learn in a fun and active manner whilst also spending quality time together.

These activity boxes are not aimed at keeping children occupied by themselves nor is it designed to encourage independent play.  The purpose of these activity boxes is to give you the tools to be able to engage with your little one(s) without having to worry about what to do.  The pressure is off.  For older children many of the activities will, however, lead to independent play and keeping themselves busy.

MonkeyTivity educational boxes are complete activity packs with all instructions, methods and materials to make things happen.  With EVERYTHING you need in one place you can focus on what matters most – being present.

Even though MonkeyTivity provides fun and exciting activities, the boxes are not made up of toys but rather experiences that lead to fun learning.  These boxes tap into various developmental areas, each with age appropriate activities, which makes it an all-encompassing solution to spending quality time with your little one(s).  Boxes are made up of stories, arts and crafts, worksheets and much more.

MonkeyTivity activities tap into the following domains:


Activity Boxes

Each box is made up with age appropriate activities.  Each age group has its own milestones that need to be met and therefore each age box is carefully developed and adapted to address these milestones.

Each month is based on a particular theme with activities selected around that theme e.g. ‘On the farm’, ‘Under the sea’.

Boxes can be ordered on a month-to-month basis for $45 per month or on subscription basis.  Kindly note that subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Receive 10% discount on your first activity box (code less10).

Special Christmas Box

MonkeyTivity boxes are available to be ordered for the following age categories:

5 – 12 months

1-2 years

2-4 years

4-6 years

Where applicable activities are presented with a variation or adaptation which can be customized to your child’s needs across age categories and your child’s personal development.

Once off themed boxes will also be available throughout the year e.g. Baking boxes, Easter boxes, Christmas boxes.

Kindly note that all orders should be placed before/on the 15th of each month to ensure that your delivery arrives on time (e.g.  orders should be placed before/on 15 May for June box).

MonkeyTivity accessories

Work tray for play dough and messy activities – $5

Sensory bowl – $5

(Work trays and sensory bowls are available in green, pink, blue, orange, white and purple)

Join in the fun and order your box TODAY!

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